Automotive Academy

Thatcham Automotive Academy takes a new approach to skills development in the UK collision repair sector, providing cost effective vehicle training.

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Autonomous Driving

Over 90% of deaths and injuries on our roads today involve human error. Experts believe that autonomous technology holds the key to a crash free future.

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Repair Technologies

Working from a fully equipped and ultra-modern Repair Technology Centre, Thatcham Research’s technical repair experts produce a wealth of vehicle repair data, ranging from light structural research, to full body methods.

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Car Safety

Clearing up car safety with the UK experts. Stay safe and stop the crash with car safety technology advice and insight, from Thatcham Research – the UK’s premier automotive research centre.

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Vehicle Security

Thatcham Research has been at the forefront of vehicle security since the 1990s, when it introduced the New Vehicle Security Assessment (NVSA) to address levels of vehicle crime.

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As the UK’s only Euro NCAP accredited crash testing centre, Thatcham Research has a key role in crash testing to evaluate the protection offered by the vehicle in the event of a crash, and the development of testing protocols for new technology designed to prevent the crash happening in the first place.

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Our latest insights

Thatcham Research news and our insights on car safety and security.


FIAT Panda Panned as Euro NCAP Awards it Zero-stars for Safety

The 2018 facelift FIAT Panda has been given one of the lowest ratings in Euro NCAP’s history (VIDEO)

The Relay Attack: Thatcham Research guidance for concerned car owners

What is the Relay Attack and what steps should I take to make life hard for thieves?

Hyundai NEXO scores five-star Euro NCAP safety

Hyundai in its element as hydrogen-powered NEXO scores five-star Euro NCAP safety rating