Thatcham Research and Chery announce landmark partnership to embed ‘insurability’ as primary vehicle design attribute
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·        Two-year deal signed in Wuhu, China, will see Thatcham Research delivering ‘Insurability by Design’ consultancy on all new models launched across all international markets.

·        Thatcham Research to upskill Chery teams on effective regional repair methods production.

·        ‘Insurability by Design’ programme represents comprehensive shift towards the integration of safety, security, and sustainability-focused design with the economic realities of insurance and repairability.


Thatcham Research has announced a pioneering strategic partnership with Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, one of China’s leading vehicle manufacturers.


Signed in Wuhu, China, the deal is the first of its kind, as we continue our mission to integrate repairability into early-stage vehicle design. The new partnership represents a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable and consumer-centric approach in automotive design, spearheading a movement towards vehicles that successfully balance innovation and insurability.


The insurability imperative is increasingly vital against a backdrop of rising insurance costs and a rapidly transforming automotive landscape. Driven by the introduction of new vehicle technology from
electric powertrains to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), the advent of greater vehicle complexity is happening at a time when the industry is already navigating a critical repair skills shortage.


Ben Townsend, Thatcham Research head of automotive said, “The goal is to ensure that Chery vehicles coming off the production line are as insurable as they are innovative, bridging the gap between cutting-edge design and practicality in maintenance and repair.


“We are thrilled to collaborate with Chery to bake repairability into the DNA of vehicle design from the get-go. By doing so, Chery is signalling its intent to anticipate the needs and challenges of the
future and address them today, creating a better total cost of ownership experience for its drivers.”


The project will see Thatcham Research automotive risk intelligence specialists collaborating with Chery engineers to make recommendations on potential enhancements to vehicle design, based on reporting of vehicle damageability performance against international RCAR standards.


The partnership will also include dedicated vehicle research with a view to producing BS10125 compliant repair methods to service the most common repairs required in the UK and European market.


In addition, Thatcham Research will work with Chery to prepare all new vehicles to meet the requirements of the New Vehicle Security Assessment (NVSA), with virtual and physical testing to scope “theft of” and “theft from” risk, making practical vehicle design interventions where required.


Mr. Chen Chunqing, CEO of OMODA & JAECOO UK Ltd. said, “We consider this partnership a key factor in underlining our commitment to Europe and the UK. From the outset we wanted to make sure our customers have the best support throughout their ownership of our cars. Our work with Thatcham Research as leading industry experts has already seen tangible benefits and will now underpin all future development of models, specifically our OMODA and JAECOO brands that will be spearheading our offering in Europe and the UK.”


Thatcham Research’s holistic design philosophy, ‘Insurability by Design,’ ensures that from the moment a vehicle is conceived, its journey through manufacturing, repair, and insurance is seamless and sustainable. This drives greater consideration for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, integrating repairability and parts accessibility to minimise downtime and costs, along with enabling clear sight of international safety and security requirements. ‘Insurability by Design’ therefore not only enhances the insurability of vehicles but also makes them more attractive in terms of total cost of ownership.


The announcement of the partnership with Chery comes as Townsend and Thatcham Research’s chief commercial officer Miller Crockart, visit China-based vehicle manufacturers and like-minded research institutions in the region, to discuss the idiosyncrasies of the UK and European market and proactive measures that can be adopted to address repair and insurance teething problems.

Crockart comments, “Chinese vehicle manufacturers are determined to cover every angle to succeed in the international market. This requires a laser focus on the total cost of ownership proposition, as well as the production of high-quality electric vehicles that appeal to the new generation of tech-savvy drivers who demand high end styling but are not wedded to an incumbent brand.”

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