Vehicle Risk Data

Thatcham Research Vehicle Risk Data is a live and extensive, industry-standard dataset that contains key information about insurable cars, LCVs and motorcycles. 

Thatcham Research is solely responsible for maintaining this dataset with each vehicle containing more than 100 individual data points. Using data exclusively supplied by vehicle manufacturers and checked by Thatcham Research’s expert data team, each vehicle is assigned a unique eight-digit ABI identification code. This translates into a standardised description of the vehicle that is used by the entire insurance industry.

Directly Sourced Data

Directly sourced data is also used to generate a Group Rating score for every vehicle. Ranging between 1 and 50 for cars and 21 to 50 for LCVs, scores indicate the level of insurance risk associated with the vehicle.

Marrying the ABIcode and Group Rating ensures motor vehicle insurers, aggregators, software houses, insure-tech companies, vehicle registration lookups and vehicle manufacturers always have access to the same, accurate vehicle information and risk score. This ensures consistency and clarity across the insurance chain.

  • Industry-standard coding structure (ABIcode) allows ease of integration to motor insurance ecosystem, such as aggregators, software houses and insurers.
  • Certainty of data quality based on direct data input by the vehicle manufacturers into our proprietary vehicle database.
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