Thatcham Security Certifications

Thatcham Security Certification is a robust verification programme for the assessment and recognition of automotive security products. The certification concentrates on verifying functionality design and performance of a product.

Each product is rigorously tested to predefined criteria established by Thatcham Research and, where appropriate, its partnering organisations. This testing is intended to provide confidence in the products functionality, performance and an objective evaluation of its capabilities.

All of this is monitored and periodically reviewed throughout the duration of the product certification to ensure that the levels of functionality and performance are retained.

All certified products are listed within Thatcham’s security certifications database and can be found using the search functions provided below.

Thatcham Security Certification does not guarantee insurer recognition as this is negotiated individually by the product manufacturer and their insurer partners.

Thatcham Research certified products are applicable to a number of different vehicle types.


Approved Devices


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