Insurability By Design

Insurability by Design considers how design can address the potential insurable losses that a vehicle may see throughout its life. By taking an attribute led approach to Insurability by Design, a vehicle manufacturer can understand potential risk and build in design solutions, significantly increasing the insurability of their vehicle, and therefore reducing the total cost of ownership of their product. 

Built upon five decades of experience, Thatcham Research automotive risk intelligence enables a clear understanding of existing and emerging risks, across global regions. This unique insight, developed through unrivalled access to data and research, makes Thatcham Research a world-class consultancy partner in the development of attractive, insurable new vehicles. 


Insurability logo with cyber security, collision voidance, occupant safety, damageability, reparability and theft

A deep understanding of the vehicle life cycle enables Thatcham Research to provide support not only in design but also throughout a vehicle’s life. Repair method generation, method distribution solutions, insurer accredited bodyshop access, and advice on part service condition and repairability ensure that we are well placed to support you. 

Our Insurability by Design consultancy products provide clear advice throughout the design lifecycle, with virtual security and repairability available from CAD data, through to final assessment tests to submit insurance risk data to the UK, or other global vehicle risk rating systems. 

This phased lifecycle approach of advice enables vehicle manufacturers to understand globally consistent risk. This will allow appropriate design and packaging decisions to be made, therefore mitigating and reducing risk as vehicles approach production. 

Understanding how sustainable, safe and secure a vehicle is provides clarity to insurers globally, enabling accurate underwriting decisions that reduce the through-life costs to vehicle owners. 

  • Advice on best practice and attribute setting for insurability.
  • Advice on RCAR and NVSA from review of CAD data.
  • Repairability assessment of design, providing advice on improvements on wider damage and repairability issues. 
  • Advice on RCAR and New Vehicle Security Assessment (NVSA) standards from a non-destructive visual assessment of a prototype vehicle.
  • Wider repairability assessment of design, providing advice on improving wider damage and repairability outcomes, from a non-destructive visual assessment of a prototype vehicle.
  • Advice on RCAR and NVSA following a physical test of the vehicle (impact or physical attack).
  • Completion of insurance rating testing to provide data for rating submission.
  • Advice on service condition of spare part kits to better provide for the repair of vehicles.
  • Data-led intelligence on likely fast moving repair components and kits.
  • Advice on the optimisation and generation of repair methods and strategies.
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