BBC News visit Thatcham Research to test out ‘self-driving’ cars

In August 2020, BBC News correspondent John Kay visited our Test Track to explore Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS) technology following the UK Government’s announcement that ‘hands-free driving’ could be legal on UK roads by Spring 2021.

Thatcham Research talk to BBC News about Automated Driving

In 2018, we worked with BBC’s Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones to create this educational news report on Automated Driving. The video highlights the risks drivers could be exposed to if some of the key safety concerns around Automated Driving are not are not addressed by carmakers.

ITV News and Thatcham Research: The importance of using a child car seat

With research showing that 22% of drivers don’t strap their child into a suitable car seat for every journey, we ran a campaign to highlight the serious risks motorists are potentially exposing their youngsters to. We produced a video that not only reminds consumers about the current legislation but also shows the chilling reality of an accident.