Driver Zone

We'll be updating our 'Driver Zone' regularly to give you, the driver, information on the very latest developments in vehicle technology and to provide expert help in choosing the car that's right for you.

Baby on Board?

Baby on BoardIt is a legal requirement for all drivers to wear a seat belt and pregnant women are no exception. This Driver Zone examines the best way for women to protect themselves and their unborn child when behind the wheel.


Pain in the neck? - Can you prevent whiplash?

Pain in the NeckWhiplash is still the most commonly reported injury following a car crash, being reported in 80% of all injury claims and adding around £93 to everyone's insurance premium. It's a geniune injury which can be very painful, but is there anything we can do to help ourselves avoid it?

Driverless Cars - Just around the corner?

Driverless CarsThere's been a lot of recent publicity over the advent of driverless cars, but will they ever become reality? We take a look at what's in development and some of the challenges that need to be faced before we might start to see some of these vehicles on the road. 

Stay Secure and Beat the Thieves

Beat the ThievesYou may have seen recent press coverage about the growing problem of hi-tech vehicle thieves, but don't despair, our experts are working hard to fix the problems. In the meantime we've put together a handy guide with tips and simple advice, which could stop you becoming the next victim of vehicle crime.


Why Electric?In recent years, we've seen an increase in hybrid cars, together with the advent of Plug-in Hybrids  and fully Battery Electric (EV) driven cars. We take a look at the practical considerations and consider whether we could live with fully electric cars in our daily lives.


Inspect a Gadget

GadgetsThe modern car is equipped with a bewildering array of gadgets, some you may be aware of, some you may not, and some far more useful than others. We take a look at some of the latest tech designed to keep you on the road.


In Car Cameras

In Car CamerasConsumers are keen to protect themselves from fraudulent claims so the increase in availability and sales of aftermarket in-car recording cameras is perhaps no surprise. But are these cameras any good?


Stop The Crash

Stop The CrashWe're asking the Government to incentivise Autonomous Emergency Braking to encourage conusmer demand for this life saving system.

Find out more about Autonomous Emergency Braking with our AEB Special Edition and support our campaign to #stopthecrash

What's Inside?

What's Inside?

Your car is more advanced than you probably realise. Read on to find out how your car is precision engineered to give you the best possible driving experience without compromising safety.


What happens in a crash?

What Happens in a Crash?

We all try to avoid accidents but they do happen. In this article we taker a closer look at how your car and your body react in a crash and investigate some of the ways in which secondary safety technology has developed to help protect you.


Advanced Driver Assist Systems : What's available and how can they help?

ADAS Explained

There are a wide range of Advanced Driver Assist Systems available on modern vehicles and a bewildering range of acronyms to describe their function. In this article we demystify some of the most common and explain exactly how they help you stay out of trouble when you're behind the wheel.


Old Car vs New Car

old vs new

We take a look at how vehicle crash technology has developed and explain how much safer you are today than 20 years ago.


Bubblewrap, Brands and No Trends

BubblewrapIt’s that busy ‘motorshow’ time of year again, with vehicle manufacturers revealing concepts cars, new production models and fresh ideas. Some are radical and unlikely to affect us in a big way, but others are very relevant indeed.