Methods from the Repair Technology Centre are made available through an online portal called escribe. escribe is one of the UK’s leading repair methods solutions and is designed to help the industry return crash damaged vehicles back to their pre-accident condition and Euro NCAP safety rating in the most effective and efficient way.

As technologies such as ADAS are becoming standard in modern cars, the need for up-to-date repair methods has never been more important. Escribe alerts repairers to the fitment of modern materials and new technologies allowing them to fully understand the impact they have on the repair.

Ford KUGA PHEV 2019 On

Ford’s first Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The HV battery overall capacity is 14.4 kWh. The HV power train is liquid cooled, the draining and refiling of the cooling system is required to remove the H.V battery and the traction motor, a Diagnostic scan tool is required for the HV Cooling System bleeding process. ADAS fitment can include Active Parking Assist, Front and Rear View Camera, Driver Alert, Wrong Way Alert, AEB, Adaptive speed control, Blind spot detection and Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist. The body structure offers good protection to both occupancy and H.V components through the extensive use of hot stamped ultra-high strength steel in the A post and B post reinforcements, sill panel inner, roof rail and chassis leg rear assembly(s). Ultra-high strength steel panels may not be sectioned, they must be replaced at factory seams.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (LCV) 20218on (MB9615)

The 2018-onwards Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van comes in four lengths and three roof heights, and you can also choose between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.
Available with turbo diesel engines ranging in power from 114hp to 190hp. The load floor comes as bare metal or with a choice of lightweight plastic or heavy-duty finishing – the first maximising payload where loads can be evenly distributed.


The escribe portal gives insurance engineers, vehicle damage assessors (VDAs) and repairers instant access to the very latest methods, recommendations, technical information, times, parts and ADAS fitment information.

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