Methods from the Repair Technology Centre are made available through an online portal called escribe. escribe is one of the UK’s leading repair methods solutions and is designed to help the industry return crash damaged vehicles back to their pre-accident condition and Euro NCAP safety rating in the most effective and efficient way.

As technologies such as ADAS are becoming standard in modern cars, the need for up-to-date repair methods has never been more important. Escribe alerts repairers to the fitment of modern materials and new technologies allowing them to fully understand the impact they have on the repair.


The escribe portal gives insurance engineers, vehicle damage assessors (VDAs) and repairers instant access to the very latest methods, recommendations, technical information, times, parts and ADAS fitment information.

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Mitsubishi L200 (LCV) 2015-on Pick-Up

Marketed under a number of names, the L200 family is a hugely successful vehicle in many parts of the world. The material specification was updated with 590MPa HSS and 980MPa UHSS, to meet crash requirements, and powertrain options were updated.

Toyota Landcruiser 2013-2017

The Landcruiser is one of the most successful vehicles globally, available in most markets. Whilst outwardly similar, the vehicle has continued to evolve. 2013 saw the introduction of Xenon headlamps, and new drive systems to improve the luxury feel of this off-roader.

Jaguar XF 2015-on 4 Door Saloon

The 2015 XF was set challenging targets of being more efficient, more spacious, and more technically advanced than its predecessor. This was enabled by a switch to aluminium intensive (the rear floor is steel) body, including recycled materials. The 2015 model features ADAS and LED headlamps, a Head Up Display, and telematics systems too.