Methods from the Repair Technology Centre are made available through an online portal called escribe. escribe is one of the UK’s leading repair methods solutions and is designed to help the industry return crash damaged vehicles back to their pre-accident condition and Euro NCAP safety rating in the most effective and efficient way.

As technologies such as ADAS are becoming standard in modern cars, the need for up-to-date repair methods has never been more important. Escribe alerts repairers to the fitment of modern materials and new technologies allowing them to fully understand the impact they have on the repair.


The escribe portal gives insurance engineers, vehicle damage assessors (VDAs) and repairers instant access to the very latest methods, recommendations, technical information, times, parts and ADAS fitment information.

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Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2013 on

This generation of Range Rover Sport is of a fully aluminium, cold joined, structure that enables it to be 400 kg lighter than the previous model. It features ADAS systems and 3 powertrain options up to 510bhp.

Hyundai i20 2015 on

The Hyundai i20 was engineered in Europe for European roads, and is built in Turkey. The car is bigger than before and is composed of nearly 42% ultra-high-strength steels for a stronger, rigid body.

Ford Fiesta 2017 on

Ford Fiesta is regularly Europe’s biggest selling car, with 1.1 million built every year. Available in 7 trim levels, the Fiesta can have 16 driver assistance sensors, and has 60% advanced steel content including a partially quenched and patched B Pillar.

Audi A1 2014 on

Audi A1 from 2014 was refreshed with 3-cylinder petrol and diesel engines to reduce C02 output, and remains available in a wide range of body colours and contrasting roof and pillar options. Though a small car it is still made up from an advanced range of ultra-high-strength steels