Zero Emission Vehicles

New zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) must be designed and developed to be safe, secure, and financially and environmentally sustainable, not only in the use phase, but also in servicing and repair, and at end of life.

ZEVs also bring in new considerations when it comes to vehicle safety, and it is essential to understand how all those involved in the recovery, assessment, repair, and salvage of ZEVs can be protected.

Our research has shown that every part of the insurance claims process is profoundly affected by ZEVs.

Our EV Ready suite of training products derives directly from research. This research continues to focus on providing an engineering-led view of the possible risks of a technology before it reaches the market. 

The same risk intelligence gives vehicle manufacturers and regulators a clearer picture of potential technology or practical implementation gaps, or indeed more serious potential market failures which may arise.

As well as our work on electric vehicles, we are actively working on an Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC)-funded project with partners including Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd and Ricardo to provide automotive risk intelligence for the development of a hydrogen-powered variant of the Toyota Hilux vehicle, alongside a training course for the repair sector to increase hydrogen awareness.

See some examples of our research here:
Impact of BEV Adoption on the Repair and Insurance Sectors report

Thatcham Research has been working to understand the potential impacts of adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

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