Autonomous Emergency Braking

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AEB is probably the most important development in car safety since the seat belt and could save an incredible 1,100 lives and 122,860 casualties in the UK over the next decade.

It’s a safety technology that monitors the road ahead and will automatically brake the car if the driver fails to respond to a collision threat. Think of it like an extra pair of eyes on the road and an extra foot over the brake pedal, ready to act if you’re distracted. In this way, rather than protect the driver using the seat belt and airbag in a crash, AEB can avoid the crash completely.

We’ve tested the AEB systems on hundreds of cars at our test track over the years. We do this for Euro NCAP, which provides the five-star safety rating on new cars.

Watch our video to find out more about the rigorous scientific approach that goes into that testing, to make sure that AEB systems continue to save lives…