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EV Aware

IMI Level 3 Qualification

What is EV Ready?

Thatcham Research’s new EV Ready Training Programme gives businesses and technical/non-technical employees vital skills and knowledge, and business owners peace of mind.

Our vehicle-led research and data expertise means we understand the electrification technology carmakers are bringing to the roads.

This, coupled with a record for providing world-class training at our IMI-accredited Automotive Academy, means Thatcham Research is uniquely qualified to provide EV Ready training solutions.

Blended Learning

EV Ready delivers training outcomes through a unique blended learning model. This combines ecademy online learning content – developed by Thatcham Research experts – with face-to-face training at our Automotive Academy.

EV Ready training represents a valuable investment in a business and its employees.

Benefits of EV Ready
  • Futureproofing through world-class upskill training.
  • Being confident to work on a section of the car parc that will only expand.
  • Being able to prove EV competence to other partners.
  • Avoiding potentially catastrophic mistakes that can prove costly.
  • Boosting business efficiency to increase profitability. 
Our EV Ready training programme.


‘EV Aware’ e-learning modules with tailored content for non-technical/contact employees and technical employees/managers. Learning topics include technology identification, health and safety, working voltages and equipment, vehicle design, components, and repair.


Face to face

A Level 3 IMI-accredited qualification for technical employees, that builds towards achieving the ‘Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement’ standard. Safety and repair assessments are carried out at the Thatcham Research Automotive Academy.



A bodyshop certificate issued by Thatcham Research, highlighting the employees that have successfully completed the programme. It demonstrates that a business has made a concerted effort to undertake EV training, and confirms employees have completed the ‘EV Aware’ modules. It also shows a minimum of two people within the business have gained the Level 3 IMI qualification.

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