My Vehicle Search

Thatcham are working to influence manufacturers to improve vehicle security and safety. The results of this research are available here and can help you choose a vehicle which is designed to be both safe and secure.

  • Each vehicle is rated for its Security on a scale of 1 star for the worst to 5 stars for the most secure.
  • Seats/head restraints are rated for their ability to prevent Whiplash on a scale of GoodAcceptableMarginal or Poor.
  • For Group Rating, cars are banded into one of fifty groups with other cars of similar characteristics.
  • The AEB result is a fitment rating indicating whether the vehicle has Autonomous Emergency Braking technology fitted as standard, as an option or not at all.
  • The EuroNCAP result links you to the EuroNCAP website, where you can find the vehicle’s overall and detailed safety ratings.