Group Rating scores are based on various factors. These currently include, but are subject to constant review, the cost and time it would take to return a vehicle to its original condition after an accident, the new price of the vehicle – reflecting variations in trim levels and the cost of settlement in the event of a total loss, the vehicle’s performance – including its 0-60 acceleration time and top speed, and the sophistication of the vehicle’s standard fit security equipment.

Also taken into consideration is parts pricing – using a standard list of 23 parts which are deemed to be the most commonly damaged panels and components in an accident – and the standard fitment and performance of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems.

All these elements are under constant review, ensuring the latest vehicles and technologies are reflected in the algorithm and to provide a consistent and accurate view across vehicle risk.


  • An indicative view of the relative risk associated with the vehicle compared to other vehicles
  • An additional security suffix indicating how well the vehicle performs against a benchmark set of security tests
  • Derived from a standardised algorithm overseen by a panel of insurance industry experts



How the system works

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