In this video, Matthew Avery, our chief research strategy officer, joins presenter Dallas Campbell for a test drive in a unique research vehicle fitted with pioneering Automated Driving technology - technology which is not yet available to UK drivers

The 12 Principles of Safe Automation

To support the journey towards safe Automated Driving, Thatcham Research and the UK insurers have identified and published 12 key principles that must be met to ensure future Automated Driving technology is safe for all road users.

1. User support: info, naming and user obligations

2. Location specific: ODD

3. Safe driving: ADS capability and behaviour

4. User monitoring

5. Secondary tasks

6. Starting automation

7. Using automation

8. Ending automation

9. Collision avoidance and protection

10. Cyber resilience

11. Collision data

12. Sustainability

Defining safe automated driving report
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The evolution towards Automation

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