Thatcham Research and the ABI have authored a comprehensive report setting out 12 key principles to ensure a safe transition period between Assisted and Automated Driving. The video [right] introduces some of the Automated Driving Systems that we can expect to see on our roads from 2021.

Safe Driving
Using Automation
Collision Data
Location Specific
Starting Automation
Cyber Resilience
User Support
Secondary Tasks
Collision Protection
User Monitoring
Ending Automation

"The UK Government’s prediction that fully automated vehicles will arrive on UK roads in 2021 is unlikely. However, early Automated Driving Systems designed only for Motorway use could be available to consumers by then. To avoid introducing a new hazard, the vehicle needs to have an effective driver monitoring system to ensure safe handover of control between driver and vehicle, and that the driver is available to take back control when needed."

Matthew Avery

Director of Research, Thatcham Research