The dataset continues to grow and currently contains more than 65,000 records, based on 22,000 ABIcodes for cars launched since 2015. It covers 52 major vehicle manufacturers releasing cars in the UK, and more than 600 models. Each Variant Code record takes 50 risk-affecting features into account. New data is published weekly.

The launch of the Variant Code dataset is another important milestone in delivering Thatcham Research’s long-term vision for the future of vehicle risk rating, which will continue to provide the insurance industry with unparalleled levels of intelligent insight.

And our robust technology scouting, independent vehicle-led research, and testing in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers also serves to future-proof Variant Code by bringing visibility of new vehicle features and technology before they come to market.


  • Dataset covers both cars and LCV vehicle types
  • More than 65,000 individual records for vehicles launched since 2015
  • More than 50 key risk-affecting features checked for each vehicle


  • Highly granular view of all risk-affecting features and technologies associated with a vehicle, including ADAS, security, connectivity and lighting systems
  • Technologies and features expressed in a common, aggregated language irrespective of the vehicle manufacturer descriptions
  • Linked to the Code44 dataset by the ABIcode for ease of consumption into existing risk models


"Variant Code addresses a long-standing challenge to the accurate underwriting of new vehicle models, benefitting both insurers and insurees. Until now, there has been little information available to insurers on the presence of technology that can reduce accident risk."

Sean Moriarty

Operations Manager - Verisk

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