What should the repair organisation include in its repair plan before they start a repair?

All inspection, realignment and calibration requirements.

How should the repair organisation create a repair plan?

•  Conduct a visual inspection of steering wheel, instrument panel and other areas, looking for controls for ADAS functionality that would indicate fitment. Should there be any doubt after a visual inspection, conduct a pre-repair diagnostic scan.

•  Where ADAS have been identified, confirm what sensors are on the vehicle in question (record for audit purposes).

•  Inspect the vehicle and consider the most appropriate method of repair or replacement.

•  Source repair instructions to support determination of the most appropriate repair or replacement process, taking note of any restrictions identified within the repair procedures and vehicle manufacturer technical data.

•  Determine which ADAS sensors have been affected or will be affected relevant to the repair or replacement process and record for audit purposes.

•  Identify which ADAS sensors require which type of inspection, realignment and calibration, i.e. static, dynamic or self-calibrating or combination of these, by reviewing the technical requirements within the repair instructions.

•  Note: – for dynamic calibration; if this procedure is conducted on the public highway then full safety and legal obligations should be observed.

•  Determine the repairing organisation’s capability to deal with the specified requirements.

•  Confirm the capabilities of any calibration equipment held to ensure the repairing organisation is able to calibrate the full vehicle system.

•  Note: – equipment suppliers should ensure that information is available, detailing capability at a vehicle make and model level including the date at which the coverage of the vehicle was introduced, on the calibration equipment and which sensors are covered. This information may be required to be available for audit purposes.

•  For vehicles outside a repairing organisation’s calibration coverage or capabilities, identify sub-contractors capable of undertaking the calibration service in accordance with the criteria of the IIR.

•  Develop and finalise the full repair plan and confirm it includes all necessary operations.