Health & Safety Policy


1.  Policy Statement

Thatcham Research will ensure that its work activities are conducted in such a way as to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its employees, visitors, contractors, customers and others who may be affected by its activities (affected group).

Thatcham Research undertakes to comply with the requirements of all relevant European and UK statutory provisions and guidance to meet these obligations.

The principles of this policy apply to all Thatcham Research activities in the UK and abroad.

2. Purpose

This policy aims to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, that the affected group do not suffer accident, injury or ill-health while on the Thatcham Research sites and anywhere that Thatcham Research staff are located for work purposes.

3. Responsibilities and Arrangements

The CEO and Directors of Thatcham Research accept their responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare throughout the business.

It is a requirement that the CEO, Directors and the affected group ensure the Company Health & Safety standards, policies and procedures are maintained and implemented, and that the intent of this policy is observed.

Specific arrangements, responsibilities and roles for health and safety throughout Thatcham Research are set out in the Health and Safety Protocols and Procedures documents.

4. Practice

  • No activity is so important or urgent that it will be carried out other than with full regard to all issues of health and safety.
  • Thatcham Research regards meeting European and UK Health and Safety legislation as a minimum standard and is committed to improving health and safety standards.
  • The necessary resources will be made available to meet the requirements of this policy.
  • All personnel employed by Thatcham Research and contractors appointed by Thatcham Research, are required to pay maximum attention to the health and safety aspects of their work and exercise all care to eliminate or suitably control hazards to themselves and others.
  • Thatcham Research will adopt a planned approach to managing health and safety.
  • This policy document will be reviewed when required as the result of significant change or on a regular basis.

Johnathan Hewitt

Chief Executive

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