escribe gives insurance engineers and repairers instant access to the very latest multi-franchised Thatcham Research crash repair methods and recommendations, technical newsletters, times and parts, whenever and wherever they are required.

All of our repair methods are:

  • Fully researched in our unique Repair Technology Centre by our technical experts
  • Compliant with BS10125
  • Accessible online and across multiple devices
  • Continually updated to help you make cost effective decisions

Thatcham Research are the only provider to offer free integrated repair methods with the four major estimating systems:

  • Audatex
  • Inter-est
  • GT Motive

Every repair is different, but… escribe has the methods coverage you need.


We’ve simplified our escribe packages to give you enhanced benefits alongside instant access to our ever-expanding repair methods. The basic escribe package now includes more features, with instant access to all Thatcham Research repair methods through the Methods Direct app. And for extra peace of mind, escribe plus provides an unprecedented level of support.

escribe - instant access to our own methods systems, including:

  • Thatcham Repair Methods - Fully researched within the Repair Technology Centre
  • Thatcham Integrated Methods (TIM) - Bringing you methods via four major estimating systems
  • Parts Pricing Module - Parts reference by OEM part number, and peace of mind that you have the right replacement parts to complete your repair

escribe plus - enjoy all the benefits of escribe, with Integrated Helpline services:

  • Instant access to Vehicle Manufacturer methods - via Methods Direct
  • Online request service for Vehicle Manufacturer methods - To request further information in the rare event that a method isn't already available
  • 'Ask our expert' service - Expert advice direct from our own technical experts


To purchase a subscription to either package or learn more about how escribe can help your business, please call us on 01635 293174 or email