I’m a Vehicle Manufacturer. What could I do to align with the IIR?

When developing and making vehicles available to the market, that have or could have ADAS features available, VM’s could provide:

• Access to vehicle datathat supports the identification of the fitment-location of operating ADAS systems, and their sensors

• Information on the types of  repair scenarios that would result in the need for inspection, realignment and calibration being required.

• Access to processes for the inspection, realignment and calibration of ADAS systems to ensure that  the process is auditable and verifiable, sufficient to be sure that the  ADAS sensor functionality can be restored to the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.

• Provision of training information for ADAS calibration that has assessed outcomes to enable proof of competence of the operative.

• Appropriate ADAS technical specifications that enable the  inspections, of the systems functionality.

I’m an equipment supplier. What could I do to align with the IIR?

When developing equipment and / or software to support inspection, realignment and calibration of ADAS sensors, equipment suppliers should ensure:

• That equipment used to calibrate provides auditable and verifiable evidence of calibration, confirming functionality of the sensor within the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.

• That capabilities of calibration equipment, at a vehicle make and model level, including which sensors can be calibrated by the equipment, are maintained and available to users of the equipment.

• That calibration and realignment repair procedures are provided for all vehicles covered.

• That verifiable records of calibrations conducted are retained and shall be made available for audit purposes through the software.

I’m a UK Insurer. What do I need to do to implement the IIR?

I must be confident of the repairing organisations’ ability to manage the complete repair process, including calibration where this is required, and therefore should:

• Communicate my requirements for compliance with the IIR to any contracted repairer to whom I direct work.

• Establish at triage, wherever possible, if ADAS is included on a vehicle.

• Direct work according to the capability of the network.

I’m a repairer. What do I need to do to comply with the IIR?

In accordance with the technical sections of this guidance, repairers should:

• Ensure I have the required capability, through investment in appropriate equipment and training to comply with the IIR or have an appropriate outsourcing procedure, that ensures all work meets the requirements.

• Research and seek guidance from relevant repair instructions and inspection, realignment and calibration instructions.

• Ensure all inspection, realignment and calibration activities are completed by a currently competent person(s).

• Complete system inspection, realignment and calibration in accordance with the relevant repair procedure and vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.

• Be able to demonstrate that the calibration of all affected sensors has been completed and the results of the calibration confirms functionality of the sensor within the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.