Our Aim

The important work we will undertake at the centre will provide the safety assurance that’s needed to support society’s uptake of vehicle technology and new mobility solutions.

Our focus areas include: 

Positive change for society 

Retford Gamston Airport will be home to the facilities that provide a crucial ‘check & balance’ against the claims of carmakers and technology providers to ensure new driving and mobility technology is safely adopted by consumers and society at large

Supporting the local area

We will put North Nottinghamshire on the automotive industry map, create new employment opportunities and support the local economy. 

Embracing aviation

Aviation will continue at Retford Gamston Airport and we will work collaboratively with all stakeholders. By Investing in the site, we will provide commercial stability and protect it from other types of development.

We want the local community, tenants and aviation users, to continue to be part of Retford Gamston Airport’s exciting future. Our planning application provides the potential for a successful and sustainable future for all.