Defining Safe Automation: download here

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Our Director of Research Matthew Avery recently presented insurer requirements for Automated Driving to an assembled global audience at the 26th International Technical Conference and exhibition on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV).

Matthew says, “Great interest in our paper on establishing and communicating rules for Automated Vehicles. Many in the audience appreciated its vision and clarity around the very difficult subject of separating Assisted Driving from Automated.”

“By 2021, Automated Driving Systems on some new cars could allow motorway drivers to essentially become passengers in their own vehicles. However, there continues to be a worrying lack of clarity around how Automated Driving should be defined and crucially, the role of the driver when a car is in automated mode.

“Our position is that driving systems that rely on the driver to maintain safety are not recognised by the insurance industry as being automated.”

Thatcham Research is currently consulting with the automotive industry on the safe introduction of Automated Driving. The consultation also covers how an Automated Driving System must safely hand back control to the driver in certain scenarios. For example, in the event of a system failure the vehicle must be capable of carrying out a managed hand back to the driver or reach ‘safe harbour’ on its own.

To download a copy of the ‘Defining Safe Automation: A framework for regulating Automated Driving’ document please click here.